Jack Savoretti - Harder Than Easy

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Исполнитель: Jack Savoretti

Название песни: Harder Than Easy

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Дата добавления: 2014-10-21

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Текст песни:

So you think that I'm harder than easy,
And you find me as strange as the truth
I'm as guilty of judging as you are,
But the difference is I don't judge you

You believed in your fairytale endings,
Now you find yourself down on your knees,
Like a rock that's been changed by the ocean,
Or a shipwreck lost out at sea

Sing me a love song,
I'm your man
I will always love you
The best I can

In our story of riddles and poems
Every word that you speak tastes like stone
Like a melody sung by a jester
Some are stolen, some are your own

At the end of the day when youre lonely
After begging to be left alone
You can look at this world as your kingdom
If you want you can make me your home

Sing me a love song,
I'm your man
I will always love you
the best I can

Hold me close don't let me go
I will always love you the most

Sing me a love song,
your my man
Will you always love me the best you can?

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