Clooney - I'm a Psycho "Андроид" 2013

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Исполнитель: Clooney

Название песни: I'm a Psycho (OST к фильму "App" /"Андроид" 2013)

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Things That Go Bump - Superpop - Track 5

I'm a Psycho
Artist - Clooney

I'm a psycho
I do what I like oh
I got one loose screw
better watch your back
I'm a psycho
You can't deny no
I'm as crazy as a daisy
And you're under attack

I'm a psycho
I'm a psycho
I'm a psycho
I'm a s-s-s-s psycho

I'm a psycho
You get on your bike oh
You got nowhere to go
You can never break free
I'm a psycho, certifiable wacko
You can run
But you'll get away from me

I'm a psycho
I'm a psycho
Im a psycho
I'm a s-s-s-s psycho


I'm standing here waiting for you
Try 100 times to call you.
A dark shadow outside your window
Hide under your sheets
You're holding your breath to hear for
Footsteps or a creak in your floor
I'm breaking the latch on your
back door
When you're falling asleep

I'm a psycho
Here's some advice
Don't leave a one sharp knife
In the kitchen again.
I'm a psycho
Not very nice you
Better block me drop me
delete as a friend
that ain't a typo
yeah I'm a psycho
I'm a psycho
I'm a sssss psycho
Give me a p
Give me an s
What the freakin' what?
What comes next?

Видеоклип George Clooney House Tour awards season

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