CAS - Drugs Don't Work

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Название песни: Drugs Don't Work

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Now the drugs don't work
They just make you worse
But I know I'll see your face again

[Verse 1]

Pretty puke puddle that I'm laying in
Phone alarm's going off
Fuck it though, I'm lyin in
I'm wire thin
I dunno why, I ain't dieting
Maybe it's this vicodin
It's strung me out like a violin
Fiend Simon dialed me in
He's trying to buy a ting
It's mad I used to look down at him
For piping up and firing
Talking to myself, not recognising who's replying
I'm becoming so much like the clients that I've been supplying
Fuck the sentimental shite
I'm mental when I get mortal like
I pop a pill and then spike this bitch
And then fuck her until she ain't walking right
My buzz don't last for half a night
My comedown is too hard too fight
Euphoria, she leaves with my endorphins
And I'm forced to keep endorsing
This extortionate emotional support
Even though I know that I'll never get the same high as before
I just keep shovelling this shit up until my nostrils get sore
Until Si picks me off the floor


[Verse 2]

Skunk, cannabis, about half a cancer stick
Rolled up in a juicy blunt
Slow burner, candlestick
I'm with Uncle Mix, cocaine and a couple of chicks
IPhone for a couple of pics
Couple of lines off a couple of tits
But my life's shit
Drugs seem like the quickest fix
Temporary escape from the estates
And all the fucking pricks
That's why I'm in such a rush to take the first hit or first sip
E&J burnt up my throat
Fucking roach burnt up my lip
Then it wears off
And I feel like I'm worse off
Looking out on London bridge
Thinking about throwing myself off
Nah, that's soft
There's better ways that I could feel his wrath
I got loads of gear in my loft
I got loads of pills I can scoff
Is it Smirnoff?
The reason I'm looking like a Goth
Fuck knows but I'll tell you what
There's blood coming out when I cough
Spent most of my life in the dark
Chasing the light like a moth
Eventually the light will turn off


[Verse 3]

Sensing the party's over
I'm not looking over my shoulder
Lucy pulls me closer
Fuck it I'm bored, let's go, let's ghost her
Sick of all the boasters
Loads of niggas sniffing that Frankie Cocozza
Thinking they the Cosa Nostra
So much talk of toasters
Gold Roleys and roadsters
Hoes that make sex tapes and then become role models on shows and posters (slags)
It's clear the end is nigh
The Mayans, they said so suh
Fuck it just take me now, I'm done
Lets wrap it up like a samosa
Consultant says they're running out of things to try
The --------- ain't working right, It's only fucking up my insides
As I document my decline
A famous line just springs to mind
The drugs don't work, they make you worse
Every type and every kind
Even one's designed to help you fight just seem so shite
And all the side effects they leave you with no life and no respite
No end in sight
But these cunts, they don't know what it's like
Ask my boy Charlie, he'll tell you straight
Real talk and no hype, like


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CAS - Drugs Don't Work

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