cappadonna - im not the one

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Исполнитель: cappadonna

Название песни: im not the one

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Дата добавления: 2016-09-01

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You're my sweet ghetto queen
You're my ebony princess
The way you carry yourself
It make me show my interest
You lookin' real nice
In your thin dress
I wanna walk with you
I wanna talk with you
And do things that you
Feel's important to you
Like when you go to court, girl
I'll go to court with you
And people wanna hold you down
But I fought with you
Never left you slippin'
Girl I caught you
The lady of my life
You don't have to be my wife
Just tell me that you love me
Everything'll be alright
I tried all of the rest
But you truly the best
You the only dime piece
That can come to my rest
Put the spark in my heart
That these bitches can't test
I love you even more
Than I loved you before
And nothing less

[Hook: unknown singer]
Could it be this
You wanna do
Whatever you wanna do
Well, I'm botherin' you, whatever
Could it be this
You really think that
I'm gonna be a fool
And everything's still cool
No never
Could it be this
I'm not the one for you to play
I'm not gonna wanna run
With the gang today
I'm not the one
I'm not the one
No, no, no

Hello what's up babygirl?
Peace, how you doin'?
I just called
To see if you was goin' to the reunion
Besides I wanna see you anyway
So I had to tune-in
'cuz I ain't never met a chick like you
That can hold a nigga down
Like the way that you do
I got some flowers and some candies
I'ma meet you at two
So we can talk about us
And the shit we go through
Bitches try to kick dirt
But you still my boo
With your full trim suede
And your Timberland shoe
There's a Earth sub watches
That's my girl
And you don't have to be rich
To be a part of my world
The way you make love to me
It make my fist curl
And your love is more precious
Than a diamond and pearl
And I'ma guide you through the storm
Until the truth unfurl'


I'm just doin' my thing
I'm still maxin' in the hood
My last album dead wood
I fell off for a minute
You started flippin' on 'Don
'Cuz You thought I was finished
Even after we discussed it over candle lit dinners
You said you was holdin' me down
No matter what happened
Blood, sweat and tears
I was on the grind
Scrappin' and rappin'
Couldn't wait to get back home to you
Holdin' you and laughin'
We both could feel the passion
Instead of us clashin'
Could it be you just wanted me for the money?
You act funny
when I come home
You try to take me for a dummy
I wanna spend time with you
But there's only one me
The way you carryin' on
It even stunned me


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cappadonna - im not the one

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