Boris Sevastyanov - That's, baby, Russism

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Исполнитель: Boris Sevastyanov

Название песни: That's, baby, Russism

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Дата добавления: 2014-10-30

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1. As folk says the real fashist is the one
who shouts more! Fashists, Fashists! And nothing more.
Of course Putin is genius, handsome, smart and strong
He is a Tsar, A God, a savier for all - that"s all!

Your favourite task is searching for any enemies
You hate Yanks, Jews, Asians, Ukrainians.
If you are xenophobes, then who's a Nazi here?
In schizophrenic ecstasy Russists appeared!

That"s, baby, Russism, That"s religious fascism!
Conquer, Take away your land, make referendums
That"s, baby, Russism, That"s church fascism!
You say "Peace!" for Russian world, Russian world peace!!

2. All Dr. Hebbels is worring about, all mass media is lieing
But Russian media is not just craming, but totally sklenting.
But Real brothers never do that, and never set it up!
If we are brothers, then we are just like Cain and Abel

Your crazy TV is full of stinky propaganda
About huge support for Daumbass and Luganda
The journalists go out of their way making up stories
For medal they are ready to kiss Putin"s ass

3. We"ve lived in peace for 23 years. It was like a gift.
We never made war, sometimes lived hardly but lived
We didn't burn synagogues, didn't ban any language
Despite our fifth column making noise all the time

But South-East of Ukraine didn't want to separate
We all are ready to fight for the unity of Ukraine
And every place Kyiv junta rules - everywhere is silence
And every place separatists rule - everywhere is violence!

"Strelkis" and "borodayis" came to our land
They bring only unrest and torture, war and distemper
And even your patriarch is talking war all the time
He is like devil, is blessing Russia for war and lie

Your religion is not faith, your religion is war
The whole country is dancing madly playing muscles
For you freedom means slavery, and war means peace
And you are ready to invite all planet to your bloody feast

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